The Audio Library
of the French Senate

Supporting the institution in its digital development by creating a platform of original podcasts with human voices and podcasts enhanced by ETX Studio's synthetic voices.

Reaching a wider audience through audio

Three series of podcasts, "Les Essentiels du Sénat", "Les Sénateurs agissent" and "Les Murmures du Palais" aim to make the Senate's activities and decisions accessible to all, especially the visually impaired, thanks to audioaugmented texts, available on all audio platforms (Deezer, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Youtube, SoundCloud, etc.).
Senate audio library homepageview of an episode page on the website
The announcement of the launch of the Senate's audio library platform generated numerous media reactions, including coverage by CBnews Offremedia (Adwanted Group)

By resolutely setting its sights on audio, by mixing the human voice with semantic artificial intelligence, the Senate is aiming to gradually become the country's first massively audio-augmented institution, and to renew the relationship with all citizens through these innovative audio formats that engage in conversation.
An audio library that allows you to follow the news of the Senate in a different way.
Enjoy listening on the Senate website!

The Senate podcasts generated more than 4,000 listens in the first month of their launch!

The Senate continues to innovate in digital. Our teams also manage the Senate's editorial strategy, including external communication on social networks, weekly newsletters and strategic intelligence reports on the Senate's e-reputation.

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