Augmented Editorial Experience

The objective of the project was to create the world's first editorial content platform for mobility by bringing a new dimension to the AEX (Augmented Editorial Experience) concept initiated in 2017 and presented at the 2018 Paris Motor Show.
AEX gallery at the Motor Show
A revolutionary technology that turns every ride into an opportunity to learn and grow.
This innovative concept combines artificial intelligence with an in-car experience and exclusive content.
The voice-controlled audio content is 100% interactive. Perfectly adaptable to your journey and the time of day, it can be sent to other devices to continue the experience outside the vehicle.
animation AEX featuresdriver viewing AEX contentview of a car-free street in a modern city
The initiative has already been recognized by the digital and marketing industries. AEX received the silver award at the Grand Prix Stratégie Digitale and the gold award at the Innovation Media awards.
Award ceremony of the Magazine Stratégies
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