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Do you want to reach a wider audience and engage your readers by offering them mobile content? Discover the best
Text to Speech solution on the market to give voice to your content (high voice quality, personalization, simplicity, monetization).


Adopt the best online Text to Audio solution to convert all your content into audio

For media, brands, agencies and institutions, ETX Studio's Text to Speech solution enables the instant creation of multi-format content (written, audio, video) in several languages and accents thanks to high-quality synthesized voices enriched with our semantic lexicon.

ETX Daily Up multi device audio-augmentation solution
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Reach & engage your audience, with our content and voice AI solution

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+1000 content/month (text, audio, video), ready-to-use to feed your ecosystem
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Editorial line
Decrypting trends and changes in lifestyles.
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Converting text to audio/video in multiple languages & accents
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API & Scraping
Automate the generation of audio versions of your content
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Make your content available in audio in several languages instantly
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Advertising & Tracking
Monetise and monitor your content performance indicators

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Audio/video transformation studio

With ETX Daily Up, you can convert any written content into audio/video in over 100 languages & accents. The platform's content: from the news feed produced by our team of journalists, as well as your own (blog, magazines, newsletter, internal announcements, press releases, press reviews...).

ETX daily Up audio and video transformation studio
ETX Daily Up editorial platform

Our editorial line of Better Differently Less

ETX Daily Up analyses the lifestyle mutations and practices around the world: culture, environment, well-being, responsible consumption, mobility...
We produce and provide our clients with information that enables them to act, to do better, differently and more frugally.

Decoding - Trends - Empowerment Journalism

Automation | Player | Monetization

ETX Daily Up is a new way for media companies to generate revenue from their content inventory and audience.
Through automation (API or scraping), you have the ability to convert text to audio/video content, to allow users to discover it on while on the move or multitasking.

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